International Culture Day at Sur-Seal

international flagsSur-Seal’s Core Values permeate throughout our organization. We highlighted Respect & Appreciation just last week at Sur-Seal’s second International Culture Day.

International Culture Day celebrates the diversity of our team members from twelve countries around the world, sharing cultural traditions, clothing, dance, and, of course, food.

Our team members include folks from China, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Germany, Guatemala, Honduras, Jamaica, Mexico, Palestine, Peru, Puerto Rico, and the USA.

Sur-Seal In the News!

Cincinnati’s local WCPO’s Jordan Burgess came to check out the celebration here at Sur-Seal.

Food: The International Language

The team prepared an abundance of food and flavors to appeal to the most daring foodies and less adventurous eaters alike. We enjoyed food from around the globe including: goat curry from Jamaica, stuffed roasted poblano peppers from Mexico, stews and injera from Ethiopia, sauerbraten from Germany, smoked brisket from the USA, kefta and hummus from Palestine, and much more!

Traditional Mexico fruit

Traditional Mexico fruit – even yuca!

international food

Yum! Traditional Ethiopian cuisine – watch out for the spicy lentils!

Traditional Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony

Considered a mark of friendship or respect, the Ethiopian coffee ceremony was a beautiful ceremony to witness. Served with sugar, but no milk, this was the first time many Sur-Seal team members experience the flavors of Ethiopian coffee brewed and served in this unique way.

international coffee
traditional coffee

Thanks for Coming!

Everyone finished the our International Culture Day with full hearts and bellies. Celebrating and appreciating our differences is what makes Sur-Seal, well, Sur-Seal. We are already counting down to our next celebration…

group photo for culture day