See the Light with Silicone Optics

Sur-Seal is a leading manufacturer of custom silicone optical components. As one of the first companies to specialize in molding optical-grade liquid silicone rubber (LSR), Sur-Seal has developed world- class expertise in all phases of the LSR molding process. From virtual molding simulation, to prototype development and full-scale production,
Sur-Seal can help you manage the entire life cycle of your optical silicone component.

At Sur-Seal we have the ability to mold all varieties of optical LSR. These materials are incredibly versatile and used as secondary lenses for light fixtures, optics for medical lighting, light pipes, and even optics for UV-C sterilization. Product designers now have a material choice that offers light transmission on par with glass and acrylic, without the fragility and design limitations.

Optically clear silicone allows product designers to create parts that are more durable and higher-performance than traditional optical grade materials. Unlike thermoplastics, optical silicone is UV and vandal resistant and is less susceptible to hazing and cracking.

Before tooling is started, Sur-Seal completes a virtual molding simulation to identify any potential manufacturing challenges such as entrapped air, scorching, or non-fill.

After consulting with OEM design engineers and optimizing their design for manufacturability, Sur-Seal’s in-house tooling team produces rapid prototype and production molds. These capabilities allow Sur-Seal to help bring your products to market faster and with fewer trials.

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