Prototyping Silicone Optics with Sur-Seal

Looking to prototype your next silicone optic concept? Sur-Seal can help you get your product prototyped & launched into production faster and for less money. Here’s how: 


Sur-Seal designs prototype tools that deliver the best combination of speed, flexibility, and quality.  

  1. Before the first chips of steel are cut, Sur-Seal is running molding simulations to optimize both the tool design & processing parameters. This minimizes tooling modifications, as well as eliminates the need for extensive process modifications once the mold is in the press.
  2. Sur-Seal’s in-house tooling center allows for us to control the entire timeline. We are not subject to the workload and availability of outside tooling vendors, shortening the time it takes to get parts in your hands.
  3. Because we build our prototype molds out of the same material as our production molds, your prototype parts will have the same level of quality as expected from a production mold.
  4. Sur-Seal builds its tools using a combination of mold bases & inserts – meaning that if you need to make a design modification after testing your concept, only the insert needs to be changed and we do not have to build an entirely new tool. This saves both time and money between design iterations. 
  5. We understand that getting parts in-hand as fast as possible is key for testing the form & fit of the component. That’s why Sur-Seal will sample your prototype mold both before and after the mold is polished. This gets you parts in-hand as fast as possible, allowing for form & fit checks in your assembly right away. 
  6. Sur-Seal can build prototype tools that are expandable, allowing your existing prototype mold to be transformed into a full production mold by adding cavities to the existing base. Your prototype mold is now equity applied towards your production tool, saving time and money versus a stand-alone production mold.

Experience & Expertise:

Our focus in optical grade silicone molding gives us a unique level of experience that ultimately translates to faster turnaround, better quality, and less wasteful spending. 

  1. Since Sur-Seal specializes in molding optical grades of silicone, we have multiple grades in-stock and ready to go. In-fact, the material is always in the press and ready to mold. No more waiting around for another material to be changed out, or for cross-contamination of different materials between runs.
  2. Sur-Seal has taken extensive steps to bring all of the necessary expertise under one roof. From running mold flow simulations, to designing the tools, to machining the molds and molding the parts – Sur-Seal is the one-stop-shop for everything you need.
  3. Our operators have a vast array of experience molding parts from these materials. They are keenly aware of the quality expectations of such applications and how the requirements go well beyond those of regular molded LSR components. This expertise translates into high-quality samples on the first try.

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