Sur-Cool SFR Series

Sur-Cool SFR (fiberglass reinforced silicone) Series offers provides thermal interface material options for engineers requiring economical reductions in heat. Sur-Cool SFR’s thermal performance and electrical isolation properties make it an effective choice in a wide variety of applications.

Ideal for applications that call for optimal performance in a thin, highly conductive and dimensionally stable for, the Sur-Cool SFR series features ease of application and only moderate mounting pressure requirements providing a solution for efficiently transferring heat between electronic components such as LEDs, semiconductors metal core and FR4 boards, and heat sinks.

  • Low thermal impedance
  • Compliant, smooth surface
  • Moderate mounting pressure
  • Electrically insulating
  • Adhesive, UL94 VO coating options
sur-cool-sfr-product Fiberglass reinforced silicone