Sur-Cool® Thermally Conductive Tape

Sur-Cool® Thermally Conductive Tape is dual-purpose, providing excellent heat transfer along with reliable mechanical fastening.

Double-sided Sur-Cool tape is constructed from thermally conductive, pressure-sensitive acrylic adhesive with a fiberglass carrier center. The resulting thermal interface material is cost-effective and highly adhesive across various substrates with both high and low surface energy.

Whether you need custom-cut parts with a release liner on both sides or kiss-cut parts on a roll, it’s possible with Sur-Cool thermal tape. It can even be provided as a custom-width roll, where the tape is rolled onto itself with a release liner on the top side only.

  • Adhesive on both sides
  • Strong mechanical holding properties
  • 1.2 W/m-k thermal conductivity
  • Electrically isolating properties
  • Thin construction (0.010″)
  • Puncture and damage resistant
  • Available as cut parts or as traditional rolls of tape