Designers of outdoor enclosures must consider how to seal application components for use in extreme weather and environmental conditions. Over time, Sur-Seal Silicone Sponge experiences minimal change or degradation when exposed to ozone, UV, oxidation, cosmic radiation, and general weathering.

A series of high quality closed-cell silicone sponge cord and sheeting that has excellent resistance to the effects of weather exposure and extreme temperature conditions. Over time, there is very minimal change to these materials when exposed to ozone, cosmic radiation, and general weathering. It is a great high temperature sponge with the ability to withstand temperatures of -76℉ to 482℉ for sustained periods of application.

  • Color Options: Gray(standard), White, & Red
  • Available with pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) applied
  • Temperature range from -76°F to 482°F
  • Supports sealing for Ingress Protection (IP) rating
  • UL94 VO