Liquid & Gas Containment & Sealing

Seals and liquid and gas containment solutions are rarely the first consideration in a new design. However, unintended leakage and seal failure can present safety and procedural unacceptable operational risks for your product.

Whether in sealing a luminaire containing an LED panel or ensuring your latest HVAC door frame design meets efficiency standards, there are many items to consider when choosing the right sealing and containment solution for your products.

Key considerations for choosing a sealing solution

  • What application are you trying to contain or seal?
  • What type of enclosure do you have? (e.g. sheet metal vs cast iron)
  • What is the environment?
    • Temperature ranges
    • Chemical resistance
    • Pressure requirements
    • UV exposure
  • Does the color of the containment seal matter?

Containment & Sealing materials include:

  • Rubber
  • Plastic
    • Solid and Foam, Molded, Die-cut, and Extrusions
  • Other Alternatives
    • Graphite