The benefits of precision slitting services

Purchasing log rolls of materials like papers, films, foils and tape can provide manufacturers a cost savings compared to buying smaller, individual rolls. But working with those large log rolls is often impractical and narrower widths are required for efficient application. That’s why the Sur-Seal® Company added precision slitting services to our suite of converting services. To help manufacturers achieve maximum efficiency, we now provide lathe slitting, rewind slitting and laser inspection services. Here’s a quick snapshot of the benefits precision slitting services can bring to manufacturers across industries.

Lathe slitting

Lathe slitting services are best suited for narrow roll widths because the process allows for a more precise cut. Our lathe slitting features a programmable logic controller (PLC), which increases reliability, control and accuracy. We can even have multiple rolls on a common core, letting us work on multiple projects at once. Another benefit of lathe slitting is that it’s a high-speed process that helps manufacturers complete projects quickly and accurately.

Rewind slitting

We offer three different types of cuts via rewind slitting: razor blade, sheet and score cutting. Our auto-edge guide system can sense the edge of a material or part and help align it to the correct position. This helps lower project costs and improve quality. Our rewind slitting can accommodate long length rolls and can work with materials including tapes, films and papers.

Laser inspection

Our laser inspection precision slitting services are accurate within 0.002”. We offer FAI, PPAP and SPC reporting that helps increase the accuracy and consistency of converted products. Another major benefit of laser inspection is speed. With our best-in-class equipment, we can produce results within about 20 seconds.

Precision slitting services enhance manufacturing efficiency

Regardless of the specific process used, precision slitting services help increase the speed, accuracy, consistency and quality of manufacturing projects while also helping to limit costs and material loss. All of these benefits add up to a more efficient manufacturing operation that can help suppliers and manufacturers win more business.

If you’ve been looking for precision slitting services for your next manufacturing project, Sur-Seal is here to help. Contact us today to get started.