The benefits of waterjet cutting services

during a photography shoot at Mueller Custom Cuts, Friday, Aug. 3, 2018, at their Charlotte, NC offices. (Photo/Bob Leverone)

In the manufacturing industry, versatility and speed are the name of the game. Suppliers and manufacturers need to be able to quickly adapt established processes for new applications while delivering consistent quality and service. At the Sur-Seal® Company, we understand the demands on manufacturers and look to be as versatile as we can to help meet our partners’ needs. Because of this, we offer waterjet cutting as part of our capabilities. Here’s a quick introduction to waterjet cutting and the benefits it can provide to manufacturers and suppliers across the industries where we work.

What is waterjet cutting?

Waterjet cutting is a material cutting process that uses a high-pressure stream of water to cut through a variety of materials, rather than using a blade or other instrument. The water can be combined with a type of abrasive to produce an accurate cut with outstanding edge quality.

Benefits of waterjet cutting services

Here are just some of the benefits of using waterjet cutting to convert engineered materials:

  1. Material versatility – Waterjet cutting can be used on both hard and soft materials including rubber, foam, plastic and more.
  2. Multiple thicknesses – The power of the waterjet allows precise cutting for a range of thicknesses, from very thin foils to thicker materials. At Sur-Seal, our CNC waterjet cutting services can cut materials up to 6” thick.
  3. No heat – Because the waterjet cutting process does not involve any heat (otherwise known as a cold-cutting technique), it can be a useful technique for cutting through materials without damaging them.
  4. Tight tolerances – Using a CNC controlled guiding machine, waterjet cutting can maintain extremely tight tolerances for a variety of materials.
  5. Application versatility – Because waterjet cutting is so versatile, it is used by manufacturers and suppliers across industries for a wide range of applications.

Versatile converting capabilities enhance manufacturing efficiency

We believe the more versatile we can be as a converter, the more value and efficiencies we can bring to our partners. That’s why we are so excited about our waterjet cutting services and the capabilities it represents. Our CNC waterjet cutting bed size can range from 72” to 120”, and it is multi-head and multi-layer, making our solution an ideal choice for any number of applications. By combining industry-leading technology with our demonstrated expertise and outstanding service, our converting services can provide exceptional value to manufacturers across industries.

Looking for waterjet cutting services for your next manufacturing project? Contact Sur-Seal today to see how our capabilities can enhance efficiency in your operation.