Sur-Flex is the ultimate high temperature sponge and is perfect for areas that require repeated opening and closing with loss of seal integrity. This extruded, high quality, closed cell silicone sponge is ideal for high temperature applications that require minimal compression set.

Sur-Seal’s® special grade of silicone sponge that, when compressed 50% and exposed to 425 ºF for 16 hours, has less than 10% permanent set. Most “low compression” set silicone sponges are tested at 212ºF and can’t compare to our unique material.

  • Ultra-low compression set (<10%)
  • High operating temperature (500°F)
  • Cord diameter controlled to tight tolerance, e.g. 0.240” diameter ±0.010”
  • Resistance to temperature extremes
  • Flexibility at high & low temperatures
  • Resistance to severe environmental stress, ozone and UV rays
  • Excellent heat aging
  • Low water absorption
  • Superior color stability
  • Lighting applications
  • Applications that require maintenance
  • Outdoor enclosures
PropertiesSpecificationTypical Values SoftTypical Values MediumTypical Values Hard
DurometerShore OO35-5545-6560-80
Tensile Strength (psi)ASTM-D-412120 min.120 min.150 min.
Elongation (%)ASTM-D-412180 min.180 min.200 min.
Tear, Die B (ppi)ASTM-D-62425 min.25 min.25 min.
Compression Set(%)"ASTM-D-395, Method B, 16 Hours @ 425 Deg. F"10% Max.10% Max.10% Max.
Operating TemperatureHigh-50 Deg. F-50 Deg. F-50 Deg. F
Operating TemperatureLow+ 500 Def. F+ 500 Def. F+ 500 Def. F
Food ContactFDA CFR 177.2600Pass Pass Pass
ColorVisualRed, Black, GrayRed, Black, GrayRed, Black, Gray

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