At the Sur-Seal® Company we offer far more than simple fulfillment. Our expert team provides a full range of services designed to support and optimize every step of the design and manufacturing process. From engineering to testing, sourcing to prototyping, Sur-Seal has you covered.

Engineering Support

Materials Innovation & Testing

Choosing the right material for your project is critical. At Sur-Seal, our engineering team regularly tests materials of all varieties, ultimately providing innovative solutions.

Design and Application Engineering

Sur-Seal’s engineering team leverages their material expertise, supports the design process, and suggests design improvements toward efficiency and cost savings.

Process Engineering

Our process engineers can execute Kaizen events on customer manufacturing lines. We also continuously engage in identifying and implementing efficiencies on our own manufacturing lines.

VA/VE – Value Analysis & Value Engineering

Utilizing VA/VE principles allows Sur-Seal engineers to consistently evaluate designs in development, with an eye toward reduced costs and improved performance.


The global supply chain is complex and unpredictable. But when you work with Sur-Seal for your custom molded, formed and extruded parts, you can get nearly everything you need from a single, reliable supplier.

An International Network

Our network of material and parts suppliers spans the globe. Our relationships with them allow us to secure extensive and cost-effective options for all applications.

Deep Experience

Sur-Seal has more than 30 years of experience in international materials sourcing, giving us the robust resources and problem-solving skills necessary to handle even the most difficult sourcing challenges.

Diverse Suppliers

We never want to limit our clients regarding material selection. Thankfully, our diverse supply partners allow us to access an expansive variety of raw materials and finished parts.