Top Reasons To Work With Sur-Seal

Rapid Prototype to Production

Your Situation

You’ve just wrapped your latest luminaire design and discovered an issue with IP testing due to a leaking seal. You need to understand the issue and determine which material would perform best and meet testing standards

How Sur-Seal Helps

Sur-Seal can develop and mold your prototype in-house in your actual production material. This prototype can be installed in your luminaire for testing and UL verification, accelerating the readiness for production and product launch.

Optically Clear LSR Molding

Your Situation

You’re transitioning your optics program to optically clear LSR due to the need to run your LED chips at a higher temperature. However, you need help with the design manufacturability for cost-effective production.

How Sur-Seal Helps

Optically clear LSR can help you drive LEDs harder and surpass the temperature limitation of acrylic and polycarbonate. While the material is straightforward, determining an efficient design for manufacturability presents challenges Sur-Seal thrives on. We partner with our customers to make minor design modifications to minimize part cost. Sur-Seal also supports the rapid development for single, co-molded, and overmolded applications.

Lighting Material & Application Expertise

Your Situation

Your latest project is to extend the life of the LED chips on a circuit board, but you’re hitting some roadblocks with the required 5°C temperature decrease.

How Sur-Seal Helps

Based on your requirement for a decreased temperature, our engineering team would perform an application discovery and discuss various thermal interface material options. We will offer options for how to move forward with the best material for your lighting applications.

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Featured Case Study: Quick Prototyping of Optically Clear Silicone Optics

Customer Challenge

A lighting customer approached us wishing to replace an acrylic optic within an existing luminaire design with an optic molded from optically clear silicone (LSR). They had some concerns about how LSR would work in their design and needed prototypes to run feasibility testing.

Sur-Seal Solution

We understood the time crunch our customer felt. We expedited the LSR molding tool machining to begin the following day they reached out to us. Fortunately, this was a simple mold that took less than two days to manufacture.


With the simplicity of the optic, coupled with the speed of our LSR molding capabilities, we delivered optically clear LSR optic prototypes in just a week.

If test results indicate that optically clear silicone is a viable alternative, our customer is ready to proceed to production.

When Sur-Seal molds a prototype, we develop it with the intent of long-term production functionality –we can kick off production programs quicker than needing to source a new LSR molding supplier.

67% of world’s leading luminaire manufactures work with Sur-Seal.

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