What is Thermal Tape?

Sur-Cool Thermal Tape is a dual-purpose thermal interface material (TIM), acting as both a TIM and as a mechanical fastener. Sur-Cool’s double-sided thermal tape is made from coating both sides of a fiberglass carrier with a high-performance thermally conductive acrylic adhesive. The result is a cost-effective thermal interface material that provides exceptional bonding strength in a thin format.

What is Thermal Tape Used For?

Thermally conductive tape has many applications where it is used today. Some of the most common applications are as led thermal pads, where the thermal tape is used to mount linear LED strip lights to the troffer heat sinks. In this application, the tape is acting both as a mechanical fastener as well as thermal interface material between the heat source (the LED’s) and the heat sink (the metal troffer).

Is Thermal Tape Electrically Conductive?

Sur-Cool Thermal Tape is not an electrical conductor. Thanks to the fiberglass carrier in the center, the material acts as an electrical insulator.

Thermal Paste Vs Thermal Tape

The pros of Thermal Paste are its low unit cost and strong initial thermal performance. The drawbacks for thermal paste are its messiness and long-term performance degradation.

Thermal tape on the other hand is much easier to handle and work with but is slightly more expensive than thermal paste and will likely not reach the initial performance level of thermal paste. However, it is worth mentioning that thermal tape will maintain its performance in the long-term, Sur-Cool thermal tape’s price is very competitive in comparison to other thermal pads.

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