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Why Sur-Seal? Meet Chad Hall in Our Team Member Spotlight

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Why do people come to work at Sur-Seal? They like our standout culture.

“A huge part of our workforce has been here more than ten years. That’s a testament to the owners being engaged with the employees and making sure that it’s an environment that people want to come to work.” — Chad Hall 

Chad Hall, Sales Operation Manager, is one of those employees who has spent more than a decade at Sur-Seal. Learn why he works for the company in our team member spotlight.

What Drew You to Work at Sur-Seal?

Before coming to Sur-Seal, Chad spent fifteen years in the custom label, nameplate, and overlay market. He worked in a sales operations role for a family-owned business that was similar to Sur-Seal. 

Chad knew he wanted that same kind of culture at his next job.

“There’s a lot of places that you can go to work where it’s a corporate type of environment. You’re not sure where you stand or maybe where you fit in or where the direction of the company is going.” — Chad Hall

Chad started in an outside sales role at Sur-Seal in 2006 and moved up a few years later into sales operations management. 

He noticed how the owners truly cared about the employees and looked out for their futures. 

“You know exactly how you contribute to the success with the company regardless of what your role is. Everybody knows what we’re trying to achieve.” — Chad Hall

How Does Sur-Seal Support You?

As a leadership team member, Chad reaps the benefits of Sur-Seal’s relationship with Queens University of Charlotte. The private university partners with businesses and works with their leaders to help train, support, and mentor them in their roles.

“Things that we struggle with. Delegation, coaching, working together as a leadership team. Things when you’re in the heat of the day to day work that you tend not to set aside time to develop and work on.” — Chad Hall

One of Chad’s most significant accomplishments at Sur-Seal came about in 2016. He and two other business leaders restructured the inside support staff to serve customers better.

“We took our customer base, and we divvied it up into three groups that we believed categorized our customers into specific types of service models with certain sets of requirements. Then we took our teams and split them up into groups that we thought fit those service requirements.” — Chad Hall

Chad says the new alignment brought customers together with experts in their fields and increased responsiveness.

“That structure has been critical to our growth trajectory at Sur-Seal because it has put a strong foundation for excellent customer service in place.” — Chad Hall

What Is the Future of Sur-Seal?

Chad expects Sur-Seal to continue to improve and expand in the future.

“I think we’re scratching the surface on our ability to grow.” — Chad Hall

Chad says Sur-Seal’s family-oriented, employee-focused attitude creates an engaged workforce that focuses on customers.

“They’ve created a culture here that people want to work here, and then people stay for 15 years like me.” — Chad Hall

Customers stay, too. Chad believes service responsiveness and creative solutions are the key reasons customers keep coming back.

“We can make decisions quickly here. I know that I can pick up my phone and reach (the owners) anytime, they’re going to answer, and we can get things done.” — Chad Hall


Chad Hall in the Sur-Seal Team Member Spotlight

Now you know why Chad works at Sur-Seal and why customers should trust us with their next project. Our team has a can-do attitude that starts with “yes,” but it doesn’t stop there. 

“Yes, we gave you what you needed. But we’re also going to come back with four or five options and ways to take costs out or creative solutions to get there.” — Chad Hall

Let us see what we can do to solve your problem. Talk to a Sur-Seal expert about your challenge today.

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