Sur-Seal® Company Launches SUR-COOL® Products

Sur-Seal, a leader in the field of engineered sealing solutions, has launched a proprietary line of thermal interface materials. CINCINNATI, OHIO – (August 31, 2021) – The Sur-Seal® Company, a custom sealing solutions industry leader, has launched a unique new product line. The Sur-Cool® line is a comprehensive lineup of silicone thermal interface materials that combines quality, ease of use, and affordability […]

Sur-Seal® Company Acquires Spectex™, Expanding Custom Engineering, Converting, and Manufacturing Capabilities

Sur-Seal, a leader in the field of engineered sealing solutions, has acquired Spectex  CINCINNATI, OHIO – (August 2, 2021) – Sur-Seal® Company, a leader in the custom sealing solutions industry has acquired Spectex™, a New Hampshire-based company specializing in custom engineering, converting, and manufacturing of flexible materials. The acquisition will help Sur-Seal and Spectex meet the needs of their expanded customer base.   “We are excited about the acquisition of Spectex, knowing how well they meet their customers’ needs for […]

The Sur-Seal® Company Named Cincinnati Enquirer’s Top Work Place in 2021

Sur-Seal is proud to announce that the Cincinnati Enquirer has recognized us as a 2021 “Top Work Place.” As an unparalleled workplace, Sur-Seal’s 4-year winning streak also includes national “Best Place to Work” awards from Rubber & Plastics News in 2019 and 2020. Companies who were nominated were scored based on surveys completed by employees […]

How to Eliminate Defects in Injection Molded Silicone Optics

Overview of virtual molding simulation for use with silicone optics. These simulations identify potential quality defects in the design and manufacturing process for optically clear liquid silicone rubber injection molded parts. Sur-Seal uses software to help identify and eliminate these before time and money is spent in production.

Prototyping Silicone Optics with Sur-Seal

Looking to prototype your next silicone optic concept? Sur-Seal can help you get your product prototyped & launched into production faster and for less money. Here’s how:  Tooling: Sur-Seal designs prototype tools that deliver the best combination of speed, flexibility, and quality.   Before the first chips of steel are cut, Sur-Seal is running molding simulations to optimize both […]

Optical Silicone Vs. PC & PMMA

An overview of the advantages of optical silicone versus PC and PMMA in optic applications.

Manufacturing Marvels

Sur-Seal was featured on the Manufacturing Marvels segment of the Lou Dobbs Tonight program that aired Monday, November 2, 2020.  In case you missed it, below is the feature. Watch to learn more about Sur-Seal’s history and growth into America’s leading producer of silicone optics, sealing technology, and thermal management materials.

See the Light with Silicone Optics

Sur-Seal is a leading manufacturer of custom silicone optical components. As one of the first companies to specialize in molding optical-grade liquid silicone rubber (LSR), Sur-Seal has developed world- class expertise in all phases of the LSR molding process. From virtual molding simulation, to prototype development and full-scale production, Sur-Seal can help you manage the […]

Sur-Seal Operations – Critical Infrastructure During COVID-19

To Whom It May Concern: Local and state governments continue to issue COVID-19 related Emergency Orders requiring all non-essential businesses to close their facilites and for citizens to remain at home. We are writing to confirm our status as an “Essential Business” as defined by the Department of Homeland Security and the State of Ohio. […]

Sur-Seal Named Rubber & Plastics News’ Best Places to Work in 2019

Sur-Seal has been named one of Rubber & Plastics News’ Best Places to Work in 2019! We’re very pleased to announce that Sur-Seal has recently been named a Best Place to Work by Rubber & Plastics News. This recognition reinforces our commitment to our employees and to our customers to deliver our best every day. […]

Cincinnati Enquirer recognizes a growing company as one of the city’s best places to work for 2019

CINCINNATI, Ohio – Sur-Seal has been named a Top Workplace for 2019 by the Cincinnati Enquirer. Recognition of Top Workplaces is based on employee feedback gathered by Energage, LLC through an anonymous third-party survey containing numerous questions around the workplace environment, including connection, execution and alignment. Sur-Seal is among the very top of manufacturing companies […]

Sur-Seal Named One of Cincinnati’s TOP Workplaces for 2019

We’re pleased to announce that Sur-Seal was recently named one of Cincinnati’s Top Workplaces for 2019. This recognition reinforces our commitment to our employees and to you – our customer – to deliver our best every day. The Cincinnati Enquirer, in partnership with the research firm Energage, LLC, honored Sur-Seal after collecting anonymous feedback from […]

What is Thermal Tape?

Sur-Cool Thermal Tape is a dual-purpose thermal interface material (TIM), acting as both a TIM and as a mechanical fastener. Sur-Cool’s double-sided thermal tape is made from coating both sides of a fiberglass carrier with a high-performance thermally conductive acrylic adhesive. The result is a cost-effective thermal interface material that provides exceptional bonding strength in […]

What is a thermal interface material?

Also known as heat transfer material and sometimes shortened to TIM, a thermal interface material is any substance placed between two components to improve the transfer of heat from one to the other. Usually, the goal is to dissipate the heat by transferring it to a heat sink, which prevents electronics from rising to dangerous […]

How do thermal pads work?

There are a lot of different types of thermal interface materials on the market. However, of all the forms available, thermal pads (aka thermal gap pads) are the best choice for mass production. Let’s break down why that is. What do thermal pads do? Thermal pads serve the same purpose as every other form of […]

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Sur-Seal Returns For LIGHTFAIR 2019

The team at Sur-Seal will be back at LIGHTFAIR® 2019! In our continued effort to pursue the best of the best in the lighting and custom sealing industry, Sur-Seal will be participating at LIGHTFAIR 2019. The connected future is yours to discover at LIGHTFAIR International 2019. This conference is the lighting and design industry’s source […]

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10 Steps to Becoming a Top Workplace

Marcia Ernstes, organizational development specialist When we recently heard the news that Sur-Seal made The Cincinnati Enquirer’s Top Workplace list or 2018, we were ecstatic … to put it mildly. We fully realize how significant it is to have employees who are happy to show up to work. We also strongly believe that focusing on […]

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PRESS RELEASE June 11, 2018 Cincinnati Enquirer recognizes growing supplier as one of the city’s best places to work CINCINNATI, Ohio – Sur-Seal, a top-tier manufacturer of engineered components,  announced that the Cincinnati Enquirer has named it one of the city’s best places to work – the results of a third-party survey of employees throughout […]

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Custom PVC Molding: Reengineer to Reduce Cost & Risks

Transforming conglomerations of standard fittings and pipe with custom PVC molding


International Culture Day at Sur-Seal

Sur-Seal’s Core Values permeate throughout our organization. We highlighted Respect & Appreciation just last week at Sur-Seal’s second International Culture Day.

Medical Grade Tubing

Medical Grade Tubing & Manufacturing: 3 Ways to Reduce Risk

When one of the world’s largest medical device developers presented a scenario in which they faced challenges with their medical grade tubing, Sur-Seal stood out among the crowd of potential sources. 


Throwback Thursday: The New York Times, Legos, and a New Perspective

In 2009, Sur-Seal embarked on a transformation of our manufacturing facility. But the key to planning the reorganization was unexpected… Legos. Sur-Seal’s endeavor was profiled in the New York Times. In the article “Don’t Just Talk About Change. Show It,” Mick Wilz, described how Legos became an unusual yet effective engagement tool. “Rather than simply […]

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Energy Efficiency: Sealing Matters

Consumer trends, government regulations and increasing energy costs all point to one concept that isn’t going anywhere: Energy Efficiency. Basically, better utilization of energy. Learn more about how Sur-Seal improves the energy efficiency in the HVAC industry through material innovation.


Intro to Thermal Management

Old inventions are reinvented to be more efficient and utilize new technology to make them more efficient, smaller, lighter, or smarter. However, as products evolve so do the challenges we face designing them.


Sur-Seal at MD&M West

Join Sur-Seal Medical Products Group at MD&M West booth #1175 February 7-9th