Sur-Cool® Phase Change Thermal Interface Material

Sur-Cool® Phase Change Thermal Interface Material offers high-performance heat transfer with little to no clamping pressure.

The acrylic-based phase change material (PCM) softens between 45 to 50°C, transitioning to a gel-like state. The result is exceptional wet-out, minimizing contact resistances between the two surfaces by filling microscopic airgaps. The thermal bond is also extremely thin, minimizing thermal resistance.

The combination of low contact resistance with thin thermal bond line creates a thermal performance akin to thermal grease, but with the handling ease of a thermal gap pad.

Sur-Cool PCM can be custom die-cut for an easy peel-and-place process during assembly.

  • 45 to 50°C Phase Change Temperature
  • Thin construction
  • 3 W/m-k thermal conductivity
  • High performance under little to no pressure
  • Easy to die-cut and handle