Sur-Cool® Silicone Thermal Gap Pads

Sur-Cool® UL-listed Silicone Thermal Gap Pads come in a wide range of thicknesses and thermal conductivities, making them the ideal thermal interface material for many applications.

These pads are highly conformable, providing excellent wet-out even under low clamping force. They conform to uneven, un-parallel and rough surfaces, all while providing low thermal resistance. You’ll always get the right amount of heat transfer for the application, at the right cost.

Sur-Cool pads are custom die-cut for an easy peel-and-place process during assembly. So, whether you require an ultra-soft thermal pad or a high conductivity thermal pad, Sur-Cool thermally conductive gap pads make it easy.

  • UL 94 V-0 Listed
  • Wide range of thermal conductivities available (1 to 8 W/m-k)
  • Wide range of thicknesses available (0.5mm up to 5.0mm)
  • Extremely soft and conformable, even under low pressure
  • Capable of spanning large gaps between heat sources and heat sinks
  • Electrically isolating properties
  • Available with and without an adhesive backing