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Help Gain & Improve Efficiency

Your Situation

During performance verification, you discover air leakage from the doorframe and cross member of your latest furnace design. You need to understand whether it’s a design or material issue – or both.

How Sur-Seal Helps

Our engineering team would design and conduct a test of your furnace to determine the leakage rate of your current design and discuss various component design and material options for ANSI Z.21 47-2012 compliance. Based on our findings, we will support seal redesign, explore material performance cost/benefits, and make recommendations to improve platform efficiency.

Rapid Prototype to Production

Your Situation

Your team is considering options to reduce the number of condensate drain tubes in your system, but need quick turnaround of prototype parts for testing.

How Sur-Seal Helps

Sur-Seal can design the new tubing system, then quickly develop your prototype in-house using actual production materials. This prototype can be installed in your system for testing, accelerating the readiness for production and product launch.

Flexible Logistics Options

Your Situation

Your company is trying to reduce inventory costs, but need a reliable source of HVAC system subcomponents. You’re concerned about delivery time of system subassemblies from international suppliers.

How Sur-Seal Helps

While Sur-Seal has operations in Mexico and China to support customers’ with international sourcing needs, Sur-Seal warehousing, distribution, and customer support is based in Cincinnati, Ohio. With an on-time delivery rate of nearly 98%, we strive to ensure your factory will not sit idle waiting for subcomponents for your residential boilers, furnaces, and commercial units

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Featured Case Study: Air Leakage Testing for Furnace

Customer Challenge

A long-time Sur-Seal customer discovered air leakage from the cross member and door frame of one of their new furnace designs during performance verification to ANSI Z.21 47. Was this a design or material issue?

Sur-Seal Procedure

Sur-Seal took a methodological approach to the problem:

  • Determined specific location of air leakage within the door frame and cross member
  • Identified alternative materials (4 on cross member and 3 for door frame) and design configurations
  • Tested to compare original material to alternatives


Sur-Seal reduced the leakage rate by 52% after testing revealed the most effective material configuration for the furnace. BONUS: The new material configuration cost less than the original

57% of gas furnaces sold in 2015 used Sur-Seal components.

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