Top Reasons To Work With Sur-Seal

Rapid Prototype to Production

Your Situation

Your team just realized you haven’t addressed enclosure sealing of your next generation centrifuges. And the project is behind schedule – you need quick turnaround of prototype seals to finalize the device to submit for product testing.

How Sur-Seal Helps

Sur-Seal can design the seal, 3D print, then quickly develop your prototype in-house using actual production materials (or multiple materials to compare, if necessary). This prototype can be installed in your system for testing, accelerating the readiness for production and product launch.

Customization & Support for Your Development Lifecycle

Your Situation

Your team has designed a new respiratory device requiring custom tubing assemblies. The tubing assembly involves multiple secondary operations, such as tipping, welding, and printing. You’d prefer to work with a single supplier rather than coordinating multiple to create the medical device assembly.

How Sur-Seal Helps

Sur-Seal’s Medical Products Group supports your product development and eliminates the need to work with multiple suppliers on your tubing assemblies by offering a wide array of manufacturing and assembly options. In addition to these secondary operations, we can also perform manufacturing and assembly in our ISO 14644-1 Class 8 clean room.

Flexible Inventory & Distribution

Your Situation

Your company is trying to reduce the number of suppliers you buy from, but you don’t want to lose access to a variety of specialized materials and manufacturing processes. You need flexibility to respond to demand fluctuations, yet manage inventory costs.

How Sur-Seal Helps

Sur-Seal often works with customers needing small to medium volume options for manufacturing and delivery. Sur-Seal customizes an inventory and distribution plan for your medical device components and assemblies based on your development and manufacturing needs, not ours.

Learn more about our sealing and optical solutions for the medical market.

Featured Case Study: Material Selection & Rapid Delivery of Tubing for Cell Harvester

Customer Challenge

A contract manufacturer for a top medical device manufacturer needed USP class 6 medical-grade PVC and silicone tubing for a cell harvester, a class II oncological device. They needed a small quantity of tubes, tipped, marked, and packaged within a class 8 cleanroom – and fast.

Sur-Seal Procedure

Sur-Seal worked with a leading PVC tubing extruder to identify the proper grade of tubing for the OEM’s device. Sur-Seal then transformed the medical-grade tubing. First precision cutting to proper length with tight tolerances, then printing the appropriate markings and packaging the final tubing, Sur-Seal performed all these functions within our class 8 cleanroom.


Sur-Seal helped select materials to meet the device requirements for cleanliness and chemical compatibility. Sur-Seal delivered the contract manufacturer the precise quantity of extruded tubing quickly – meeting all regulatory standards and ensuring the contract manufacturer could meet the deadlines set by the OEM.

Sur-Seal parts are in EVERY Intensive Care Unit in the United States. 

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