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Why Sur Seal Is Shifting Focus to Make Face Shields



As lives are lost, routines are disrupted, and priorities are shifted, we at Sur-Seal have found ourselves in a unique position to pitch in during this turbulent time.

We want to contribute to the effort to help first responders shield themselves in their dauntless attempts to treat patients. We also know you want to do your part in providing for medical professionals who are in dire need of personal protective equipment (PPE).


Since we’ve supplied components for face shields for years, Sur-Seal is now making the defensive gear on our own. For us, the shift was natural and aligned perfectly with our core values, stock of supplies, and production process. We want to share this opportunity with you to furnish the front lines and lend a hand to humanity.

Core Values

Sur-Seal is more than ready for this task and enthusiastic about taking on the challenge. As an established and accredited business that’s been around for more than 80 years, our company proudly operates with a “can do” attitude. We are no strangers to responding to a crisis. When the nation entered WWII, we supplied the first fuel tank gaskets for U.S. fighter planes.

We are social-minded with strong beliefs in teamwork and cooperation.

Those are just a few of our core values.

Fully Stocked

Given a diverse customer base that spans several industries, we have the supply of materials in stock to make face shields right away. In fact, the manufacturing process aligns so closely with our normal workflow, little change was necessary to start production. We were able to quickly form a team that’s dedicated to producing face shields and managing the overall operation.

Essential Business

Along with many of our customers, Sur-Seal was deemed an essential business and remains fully operational. For years, we supplied components for face shields, as well as respirators and oxygen concentrators. We’ve taken that expertise a step further and created our own face shield product.

Answering the Call

Sur-Seal recognized an urgent need for face shields and decided to make our own design after speaking with customers when the outbreak began. For example, plastic raw material manufacturers that have the film used to create face shields didn’t have the capabilities to die-cut it. So, we partnered with them.

Our medical customers who sell to hospitals had an established supply chain. We realized we could utilize that link to get face shields directly to the people who need them most and can’t get them fast enough. Having a distribution channel already in place allowed us to move forward with large-volume orders because we knew we had an outlet to deliver them.

Potential customers who heard Sur-Seal supplied components for face shields reached out to place orders. Some just wanted parts, like the foam headband, while others wanted us to develop the whole product. There was no need to procure any new materials or new equipment; everything was already in place.

All we needed to do was come up with a design.


Sur-Seal offers one of the most affordable face shield of its kind. We used 3M products to develop PRO-SHIELD 1. While many shields have three to four components, ours is two simple pieces.

PRO-SHIELD 1 comes completely assembled for $2.75 per piece with a 3,500 minimum quantity order.

PRO-SHIELD 1 can be shipped and delivered anywhere on the East Coast within a week. We strived to offer a product that is universal and fits everyone; however, we can also do customization.

Supply vs Demand

Sur-Seal knows the medical field desperately needs PPE. There is much greater demand than supply out there. Yet, there’s still so much we don’t know, including how long this battle is going to last.

Sur-Seal is shifting focus to make face shields because we are responsive. By using supplies and processes we already have in place, we can expedite production and get this equipment to existing and new customers who can, in turn, distribute it to those in the medical field.

Call 513.574.8500 now to receive ten FREE samples of PRO-SHIELD 1.

We are also donating 5% of the proceeds to Second Harvest Food Bank, so your purchase will help another sector in need. We want to use as many avenues as possible to get face shields to the front lines.

NOTE: The intended use of PRO-SHIELD 1 is to serve as a barrier to help prevent direct external facial contact with aerosols, droplets, and foreign splatters. PRO-SHIELD 1 is not a particulate respirator or breathing filter and should never be used to provide respiratory protection of any kind. PRO-SHIELD 1 has not been reviewed or endorsed by the CDC, FDA, or any other authority.

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