Sur-Cool Thermal Silicone Gap Filler

Sur-Cool Thermal Silicone Gap Filler provides design engineers an ideal material to fill air gaps, improve thermal transfer, and lower operating temperatures between equipment components (e.g. LEDs, circuit boards, etc.) and heat sinks.

Whether in the product-design phase or addressing issues with existing products experiencing thermally-related failures, Sur-Cool Gap Filler delivers considerable benefits over traditionally used materials.

  • Versatile thermal gap filler application options
  • Excellent Relative Thermal Index (RTI)
  • Electrically insulating
  • High conformability
  • Low durometer
  • Naturally tacky
  • Area where heat needs to be transferred to a frame, chassis, or other type of heat spreader
  • Lighting applications
  • Electronics
  • Between heat-generating components and a heat sink
  • Power conversion
PropertiesUnitsTest MethodGNTPB - 150VGNTPB - 300VGNC - USVO Super Soft
Construction & CompositionSilicone & Ceramic FilledSilicone & Ceramic FilledSilicon &Fiberglass
ColorVisualDark GrayLight BluePink & White
Thickness Rangemm0.5 - 12.00.5 - 5.00.5 - 6.0
HardnessShore CASTM D2240252510
Densityg/ccASTM D7922.502.702.00
Tensile StrengthKN/mASTM D4120.500.302.50
Elongation%ASTM D412706460
Continuous Use Temp°CEN344-40° - 150°-40° - 150°-40° - 150°
Breakdown VoltageKv/mmASTM D149≥ 5.0≥ 5.0≥ 6.0
Volume Impedanceohm-cmASTM D2578.0×10151.1×10166.2×1015
Dielectric Constant1MHzASTM D1505.757.155.27
Weight Daminify%@150°C 240H≤ 0.3≤ 0.3≤ 1.0
Flame RatingUL 94V-0V-0V-0
Thermal ConductivityW/m.kASTM E14611.503.001.00
UL, RoHS, REACHCompliantCompliantCompliant

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sur-cool-datasheetDownload the data sheet for Sur-Cool Thermal Silicone Gap Filler to get complete specifications and data points.

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