Neograf eGraf HITHERM

Engineers are being required to design smaller and with longer life. HITHERM is an essential thermal interface material for any engineer’s tool-kit. With best-in-class through-plane thermal conductivity, up to 16 W/m-K, thicknesses as thin as 0.005” and NASA outgassing certification it maintains thermal performance indefinitely.

HITHERM graphite thermal interface materials(TIMs) provide a solution for long-life, zero maintenance applications with extreme heat cycles. HITHERM’s flexible graphite are the ideal thermal management solution for today’s demanding power electronics and lighting.

  • Consistent, reliable thermal performance enabling zero maintenance applications
  • Will not flow or pump out under any thermal extremes, thermal cycles, or part orientation
  • Assembly-ready foil form factor eliminates dispensing and cleaning processes
  • NASA outgassing certified
  • Silicone-free graphite material eliminates risk of clouding LED optics
  • RoHS compliant and UL 94 V0 Listed
  • Lighting applications
  • Electronics
  • Area where heat needs to be transferred to a frame, chassis, or other type of heat spreader
  • Applications with limited space for thermal management materials
  • Between heat-generating components and a heat sink
Product Grade Characteristics (1)Pure Graphite 1200 SeriesPolymer Enhanced 2500 Series
Typical Thermal Conductivity (2) In-Plane · Through-Plane (W/mK)10 · 15016 · 120
Thermal Thickness with Tolerance 0.127 mm (0.005”) ± 10%HT-1205HT-2505
Thermal Thickness with Tolerance 0.250 mm (0.010”) ± 10%HT-1210HT-2510
Thermal Thickness with Tolerance 0.510 mm (0.020”) ± 10%HT-1220-
Electrical Resistivity (3) In-Plane · Through-Plane (µΩm)60 · 123080 · 1550
Operating Temperature (°C)-40 TO +400-25 TO +125
Hardness (Shore A)8585
CTE (Coefficient of Thermal Expansion) In-Plane · Through-Plane (ppm/°C)-0.4 · 27.0-0.4 · 27.0
Specific heat @ 25°C (J/kg-°C)710710
RoHS CompliantYesYes

(1) Properties listed are typical and cannot be used as acceptance or rejection criteria. Product characteristics exclude coatings and adhesives

(2) In-plane conductivity at ambient temperature determined using Angstrom’s method; through-plane determined using ASTM D5470 Modified method.

(3) ASTM C611.4 Point Resistivity Test.

Additional grades available upon request

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